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Dear SWEL Timebank Members

During these very difficult times your Board has made the hard decision to close the SWEL Timebank. A year ago the board announced that we were looking for a new team to assume control of the Time Bank as we had served beyond the organization’s dictated rules for service along with other conflicts that have arisen with each individual. It is the opinion of this board that, in addition to the board activities, a volunteer dedicating up to 20 hours a week is required to maintain and grow the Timebank. As there has been no interest shown within the membership to assume these roles, along with the lack of activity within the SWEL Timebank for various reasons, we have made this difficult decision.

For those of you that wish to continue being involved in a Timebank we have reached out to the West Seattle Timebank. They are excited to include anyone from SWEL that would like to join them. To join the West Seattle Timebank, go to and click the word “Join”. They have agreed to waive membership and initiation fees as well as the background check for all SWEL members applying, and your Exchange Hours from SWEL will transfer to West Seattle Timebank. Even though the distance to West Seattle may be prohibitive for exchanges with their current members, the SWEL members who choose to sign up can continue to exchange time with other SWEL members that also join the West Seattle Timebank. The West Seattle Timebank holds a monthly Zoom meeting for all members, along with other Zoom events. The West Seattle Timebank has requested that members from SWEL join them before the end of 2020 if possible.

Thank you all for your understanding.

Stay Safe
Your SWEL Board.